A mystery-thriller by Ira Levin
Directed by Brigida Scholten

Audition Date:          Friday October 21st. Time: 7pm
Location:                  Century Church Theatre 72 Trafalgar rd.

Format:                    Cold read

Performance Runs:  March 5 – 19, 2023


Deathtrap, a washed-up playwright finds a chance to rise to the top once more, a shot he’d be willing to kill for. Sidney Bruhl hasn’t written a hit play for 18 years when he receives a script from a former student, Clifford Anderson, that’s a guaranteed success. His wife, Myra, suggests the two men could collaborate; Sidney jokes that it’d be just as easy to murder the young man and steal the script for his own. When Clifford arrives later that evening, no one–not even the visiting psychic–could predict where the dark events of the night will go.


Who is innocent?

Who only seems that way?

Deathtrap is a sharply funny play full of twists and turns that keep an audience on the edge of their seats. Is anyone really safe when a man sees a clean shot at success?


Sidney Bruhl            Male          Lead
Myra Bruhl               Female      Lead
Clifford Anderson    Male          Lead
Helga ten Dorp        Female      Supporting
Porter Milgrim         Male          Supporting

Sounds fun right?

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Producer/Stage Manager