Will You Still Love Me in the Morning? Auditions


Will You Still Love Me in the Morning?

A farce by Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner
Directed by Jo Phenix

Producer Denise Gismondi

Stage Manager Erin Montgomery

       Audition Date         

     Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at

Century Church Theatre, Hillsburgh

     Audition Info

General audition with readings from the script.

Audition sides available on request from the director jophenix@sympatico.ca

Production Dates

Evening Performances
May 24, 25, 31 and June 1, 2019
8:00 P.M.

Matinée Performances
May 26 and June 2, 2019
2:30 P.M.


Start the week of March 26, 2019 and will be by arrangement with the cast.

   Cast required

One (1) couple 25 – 35 years of age; two (2) older couples.   One (1) older male or female.


Jeremy and Celia return a week early from their unsuccessful honeymoon to find that both of Jeremy’s business partners have accepted his offer to stay in his house while he is away. The only problem is that they have each brought the other’s wife with them. Jeremy discovers one illicit couple, Celia the other. Both issue invitations to them for dinner. Complications pile up thick and fast as, realizing their dilemma and desperate to make a good impression on Jeremy’s colleagues, the couple stages two dinner parties simultaneously, one on the patio and one in the dining room. As if there aren’t problems enough, Syd the plumber, up to his eyeballs in water in the cellar, has to call in the Water Board Emergency Service.

Character Details  

One just-married couple. Two adulterous couples planning to have sex for the first time – their first dirty weekend. They have swapped partners, and do not know that their respective spouses have done the same thing.

The play will be set in Canada. English accents OK but not required.

Couple #1                Jeremy and Celia Winthrop

Just returned early from a honeymoon which was not consummated. She had – and still has – all kinds of excuses for not doing it. She’s still using delaying tactics, and Jeremy is getting very frustrated. Humphrey and Peregrine are the partners in the law firm where Jeremy is hoping to get a partnership – he mustn’t offend them, and has to show how discreet and well organized he is.

Couple #2                Sara Ward and Humphrey Jessel

He’s dead keen on having an affair, and is a bit pushy. She’s nervous, and inhibited.

Couple #3                Thelma Jessel and Peregrine Ward

She comes on very strong. He’s keen, but a bit stiff and stuffy – lawyer, the boss.

Syd the Plumber

Older man or woman. Wanders through once in a while with various bits of plumbing. Keeps having a sip from his flask. Always high, but never really drunk. Not involved in what’s going on in the house but interrupts with plumbing problems.