Recognition for Century Theatre Guild at ACTCO Festival

Century Church Theatre is celebrating a number of nominations garnered by its Theatre Guild members for the two most recent plays that were entered in the 2016 Association of Community Theatres Festival.

In the Comedy category, November’s pantomime, “Hansel and Gretel”, by Jo Phenix, was nominated in the following categories:

Cast labelled 2

Costume Design: Trish Hamilton
Lighting Design: Neville Worsnop
Set Design: Jo Phenix

In the Drama category, “The Premature Corpse”, by Mike Johnson, was nominated in these categories:


Set Design: Nick Forrow & Jo Phenix
Sound Design: Nick Forrow & Danny Moore

We enter shows in the Festival as a learning experience for our members. The professional adjudicators who attend give us valuable feedback, and suggest ways to build on our successes and grow our skills. It all makes for more satisfaction for participants, and better shows for our audiences.

Next season’s Festival entries will be the pantomime, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, written and directed by Jo Phenix, and the mystery-farce “The Murder Room”, by Jack Sharkey, directed by Pam Niesiobedski Curtis.